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Recommended for those who start playing but want a good guitar. The Alegría guitar is the elemental of our flamenco range, it is designed for those who start and want a guitar of the highest quality of sound and comfort, with surprisingly low action for the range of guitar that it is. Alegría is built in the same way as its superior sisters, it even have types of material such as the Cedar mast or the ebony fretboard.
 MG 7065 Editar
Body: Slim
Top: Solid Spruce
Color: Natural
Finished: Matt Polyurethane
Sides and back: Mahogany Double lamination
Fingerboard Ebony
Frets: Alpaca
Neck: Brazil red cedar
Backing Neck: Carbon fiber
Nut and Saddle: Bone
Bridge: Rosewood
Anchors Bridge: Simple 6 holes
Fillet: No
Tunning pegs: Nickel-plated
Strings: Savarez
Tap plates: Yes

Flamenco guitar Alegría FMF10 429€ (incl 21% imp.)

Flamenco guitar Alegría FMF10
429€ (incl 21% imp.)